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Header Settings

Navigate to the Header section from the Theme Settings option. Here you will get to customize the following options within the header. You can customize Logo, Header Content, Header Styling, Header Top, Action Button and Title Bar. 

Main Logo: You can upload your logo here that will be placed on the header. We recommend you upload the PNG version of your logo so that it can stand out on any background. 

Sticky Logo: Sticky logo refers to the visual representation of your logo when a visitor scroll downs on your website, The sticky logo remains constant on the header as the visitors scroll through the web page. You can upload the required image from this section. 

Main Retina Logo: The main retina logo option allows you to upload another version of the logo that will be clearly visible from devices that use a high-resolution display.

Sticky Retina Logo: This version of logo is needed for the sticky retina version of the logo. Similar to the Retina logo, the sticky logo needs to be 2x of your original logo. 

Logo Dimensions: From this option, you can change the width, height and pixel of your logo to meet your requirements. 

Padding: Padding will allow you to customize the logo position further. You can customize as per your preference by navigation through the different measurement options. 

Click Save Changes to apply the changes you have made. 

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